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The Karastan brand has been a leading innovator in quality luxury flooring for almost 100 years. Karastan’s goal is to transform homes into ‘lush destinations’ with exceptionally beautiful carpeting. At Bode Floors, we’re proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of Karastan carpet in Columbia, MD. Our flooring experts are certified in Karastan carpet installation, and we can help you pick the perfect type of Karastan carpet to beautify your home. Visit our showroom today to see our huge selection of carpeting and flooring or call us to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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Karastan Furniture at Bode Floors in Columbia, MD

The Karastan Carpet Story

Karastan has been a leading manufacturer of machine-woven wool rugs and luxury carpeting since 1928. Their most famous and renowned product has always been their worsted wool run, which imitated the beauty and design of handmade Asian and Middle Eastern rugs. Karastan was a leading innovator of machine-woven rugs, and their products have always been proudly made in the United States. Their American-made rugs quickly swept the nation, becoming a staple in homes nationwide. Lasting 30-40 years or even more, these rugs were an investment in Karastan customers’ homes, families, and comfort. The Karastan company quickly expanded and began growing. After an appearance at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, Karastan’s rugs became one of the country’s best-selling rugs. By 1951, the company had branched into high-end carpeting and licensing deals with luxury designers like Halston. In 1993, Karastan was purchased by Mohawk Industries. In 2016, Karastan invited consumers to glimpse how their rugs and carpeting were manufactured. They revealed that it takes 32 human hands to create a single Karastan rug. Karastan has become a symbol of affordable luxury and elegance, with 95 years in the industry.

Karastan Brand Overview

Karastan is now owned by Mohawk Industries, Inc. Mohawk manufactures in 19 countries and sells its products to over 170 countries. Headquartered in Calhoun, GA, Mohawk produces ceramic tile flooring, carpeting, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile, stone flooring, rugs, sheet vinyl, wood flooring, and countertops. Mohawk products, including Karastan, are sold by independent specialty retailers, home centers, distributors, authorized dealers and installers, builders, and more. Mohawk has been in business since 1992 and quickly completed 12 company acquisitions by 2000. They are the world’s largest and most comprehensive flooring manufacturer. They specialize in beautiful, durable, high-performance, environmentally friendly flooring solutions for homes and businesses worldwide.

Our Wide Selection of Karastan Carpet Styles and Colors

At Bode Floors, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Karastan carpet styles, colors, and designs. Karastan carpet is a durable carpet with tough-tested durability that lasts for decades with the proper care. We specialize in high-quality, durable Karastan wool carpeting, Karastan patterned carpeting, Karastan design carpets, and Karastan antelope carpeting, as well as SmartStrand, Kashmere, SmartStrand Silk, Kashmere XTRA, and Kashmere Nylon. We’re happy to show you samples of each type of Karastan carpeting in any design or color you’d like so that you can get a sense of how it will look in your home. All Karastan luxury carpeting offers permanent built-in stain and soil resistance and is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Karastan is also the only luxuriously soft carpet, using the softest nylon and Silk SmartStrand technology.

Karastan Carpet Care

Properly caring for and cleaning your Karastan carpet will extend its lifespan, maintain its beauty, and ensure it serves your family for decades. We recommend:

  • Regular vacuuming – Daily or weekly vacuuming removes dirt, dust, particles, and contaminants that could damage your carpeting.
  • Careful care – You can use scissors to carefully clip snags away. You can use curved fingernail scissors to remove damaged fibers carefully. You can use the edge of a coin to remove dents from furniture or a hair dryer or steam iron to remove deep indentations (do not touch the carpet fibers directly with the hair dryer or steam iron). You should consult a professional carpet cleaner or restoration expert for serious fire, smoke, or water damage.
  • Stain removal – You should treat your carpet as soon as you notice a spill or stain. Use a spoon, dull knife, or carpet cleaning key to remove water or solids. Work from the outside of the stain towards the center. Blot up liquid spills with a white microfiber towel or cloth. Use warm water only for stains. Order a Carpet Spot Remover and Cleaning Kit from Mohawk FloorCare if warm water does not work.

Why Choose Bode Floors

At Bode Floors, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, exemplary customer connections and guidance, and quality workmanship. We are the region’s leading flooring supplier, and we specialize in hardwood flooring, custom area rugs, carpet, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, marble flooring, engineered wood, waterproof flooring, LVT and LVP flooring, porcelain slab flooring, tile and stone flooring. Over the years, we have built a reputation as the country’s most reputable and knowledgeable flooring contractor. We strive to provide the highest quality services and ensure our customers’ flooring choices improve their homes’ beauty, comfort, and value. We offer personalized flooring consultations to guide you through choosing the right flooring for your needs, vision, lifestyle, and budget. We also have a huge showroom displaying samples of our products so customers can touch and see them for themselves. Our experienced, highly skilled flooring contractors offer specialty services beyond flooring installation, including hardwood floor refinishing services, hardwood restoration services, carpet removal and disposal services, and hardwood and wood flooring removal services.

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If you have been wondering where to buy Karastan carpet in Columbia, MD, look no further. At Bode Floors, we are an authorized Karastan carpet dealer and Karastan carpet installation expert. We offer consultations to discuss your needs, goals, and overall vision for your home renovation or remodeling project. We can then offer our professional recommendations for the perfect type of Karastan carpet for your home. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment or a consultation with our experts.