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Bode Floors has provided Columbia, MD homeowners with premier custom-made area rugs for years. Our family-owned and -operated business is dedicated to serving the local community with high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. With experienced technicians on staff, you can rest assured that you’re in highly qualified, capable hands. Strategically placed, custom-size area rugs will add warmth, comfort, and color to any room in your house. Whether you’re looking for area rugs for bedrooms or living rooms, we can help you enhance your living space and complement its aesthetic. We have a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, and we are always happy to order more.

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Custom-design area rugs can help homeowners reimagine their homes and provide ways to customize their living space. When your home feels uniquely you, you can live more comfortably and authentically. Your home décor is essential to this and helps your home functionally optimally will ensuring it looks and feels exceptional. With our vast experience in the industry, we will help you create the perfect custom rug for your Maryland home. We work with the most reputable brands and suppliers so that you can expect nothing less than excellence from Bode Floors.

The Benefits of Purchasing A Brand-New Area Rug

Carpets and custom-printed area rugs can provide homeowners with a wide range of benefits. Your brand-new area rug can help reduce noise, enhance comfort, provide warmth, and even reduce allergies. Below, we’ve gone into further detail about each of these benefits:

  • Noise Reduction – When you invest in one or more custom-made large area rugs, your family members will thank you. Carpet is much quieter to walk on than hardwood floors, which can be pretty noisy. An area rug will help decrease the noise created from walking across your house.
  • Comfort – Area rugs provide a soft surface that is comfortable to walk on. It is also easier on the joints and provides an overall more comfortable living experience for you and your family. Rugs and carpets are also more flexible than hard surfaces, such as hardwood.
  • Warmth – Because custom-designed area rugs have exceptional insulating value, they will be able to add warmth to your home, mitigating some of the colder temperatures. You’ll especially be able to notice the difference if you place your new area rug in your basement.
  • Allergies – Area rugs can efficiently trap pollen and other irritants, making them easy to eradicate with a vacuum. With hardwood floors, sweeping can stir up pollen in the air.

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Not only can custom area rugs provide homeowners with style and elegance, but they can also protect your beautiful, hardwood floors. These highly versatile, custom rugs are designed to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for custom area rugs with borders or without, we are happy to help by providing you with a wide variety of options and lending our expert advice. Contact our professional team today for more information about our custom area rugs.

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