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Does My Floor Have Water Damage?

Does My Floor Have Water Damage?

People assume that water damage to flooring results from either a downpour, flooding, or burst pipes. This thought ignores the fact that other factors can also contribute to severe damage if left unnoticed. Examples include roof ice damming, toilet overflow, appliance malfunction, and more.

Effects of Water on Wooden Floors

The above scenarios increase humidity and moisture in the floor’s materials, which can introduce various issues. With a hardwood floor, the problem may worsen since the water can be absorbed by the wood, making it less noticeable. In this case, exacerbated damage may involve costly renovations. As prevention is cheaper than a repair, learning about water damage warning signs will help prevent future floor damage issues. By following a proper floor care guide, you can rest assured that your floor will always be beautiful.

Soft Floor BoardsA light colored wood floor

This condition indicates that the floor is rotten, and air drying won’t help. With soft boards,the damage is usually extensive and requires replacement. This damage shows that the water has reached the subfloor level and that there’s a possibility it’ll spread.

Swelling or Cupping of Planks

When wood absorbs excess water, it may start to swell or warp and cup downwards or upwards. With swelling, the water causes uneven surfaces as edges rise due to pressure from enlarged planks. Cupping also gives the floor a rough finish. Unless repairs are made, there is a possibility of water seeping into the subfloor level.

Mold on the Floor

In most cases, when water seeps into the wood, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors may be noticeable. Unless you schedule a timely mold mediation service, spores can spread and affect your respiratory health.

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By MicheleSarsitis@cbflooring.com | September 9th, 2020