Keeping your new floor beautiful isn’t tough when you know how to maintain flooring properly. Before you clean your floor be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you don’t accidentally void it. Below, you’ll find several guidelines for flooring maintenance.


No carpeting lasts forever, but by following the maintenance tips outlined in the button below, you’ll extend the life and beauty of your floor.
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When you have a new hardwood floor, you want it to last for years to come. Follow the instructions in the link below.

Be sure to check your manufacturer's warranty before cleaning to ensure that you don't void your warranty.

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Ordinary vacuuming and an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth or mop is usually all the cleaning a laminate floor needs.

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This flooring requires only basic maintenance.
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Be sure to check your manufacturer's warranty before you begin cleaning.

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Tile & Stone

All flooring especially tile and stone are created differently. If you're looking for ways to keep your flooring looking great, click the button below.

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