Comprehensive Floor Care Guide

Keeping your floors beautiful isn’t tough when you know how to maintain them properly. Before you clean your floors, check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that you don’t accidentally void it. Once you’ve done that, the team at Bode Floors has a guide to help you take care of your flooring.

It can be hard to keep track of the best ways to clean the floors in your home, but these tips will help. However, if you’d like a change and are thinking about getting new flooring for your home, you can trust the experienced team members at Bode Floors to help you. Schedule an appointment at our showroom in Columbia, MD by calling 410-381-5900 or contacting us online.


No carpeting lasts forever, but you can extend the life and beauty of yours by following the maintenance tips outlined in the button below. Clean up spills right away and avoid exposing the fibers to harsh, damaging chemicals while also vacuuming regularly to remove dust and allergens.

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When you have a new hardwood floor, it should last for years. You can prevent scratches by protecting its wooden planks with rugs or mats and cleaning up dirt and debris. For more, follow the instructions in the link below.

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Vacuuming and mopping are usually all the cleaning that a laminate floor
needs. Check out the link below for more information on cleaning your laminate floors.

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Vinyl flooring only requires basic maintenance. Simply vacuum up dirt and remove debris with a wet mop. Read more for a detailed look at vinyl care.

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Tile & Stone

Tile and stone need to be sealed to maintain their appearance for decades. Take off shoes at the door to prevent dirt accumulation. If you're looking for ways to keep your flooring looking its best, click the button below.

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