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How To Have Both Hardwood Floors And Pets

How To Have Both Hardwood Floors And Pets

Homeowners with pets might be nervous about their dogs potentially ruining their perfectly fitted hardwood floor. However, you can be glad to know that there are ways to keep a beloved dog and maintain beautiful hardwood floors. Floor experts can provide homeowners with guidance on how to get the best quality flooring that can take everything thrown at it. They can also offer flooring materials that will stand the test of time. Review the guide below to learn how beautiful hardwood floors and pets can co-exist.

Using the Best Quality WoodHardwood Floor Suited for Pets in Columbia, MD

When you feel concerned that a dog will potentially destroy your hardwood floor remember that the problem may not be the pet; instead, it could be the floor’s quality. Without the right wood quality, floors are bound to get damaged quickly, requiring repairs or replacements. Remember that the harder the wood, the more it will be able to resist damages caused by animals. Homeowners should look for a reputable and reliable supplier to find the best quality hardwood for durability and peace of mind.

Try A Penetrating Oil Finish

Layering an extra coat of finish is recommended when it comes to wood protection. A popular finish option is a penetrating oil that gives hardwood floors a more natural look and requires minimal maintenance. Maintenance on oiled floors can be done selectively, meaning that you only need to focus on the damaged areas rather than the entire floor, and the oil helps to ensure that dog nails do not reach the wood’s surface.

Selecting Wood With Pronounced Grains

Homeowners may think that they have everything figured out after they’ve applied an extra coat of finish, penetrating oil, and thrown rugs on the floor. However, without the right wood quality, damages can still occur. Choosing hardwood floors with a more pronounced grain helps hide potential scratches and maintains the floor’s aesthetics.

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By | February 12th, 2020