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Reap the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring in your home!

Reap the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring in your home!

Luxury vinyl flooring has so much to offer to any residential space and we’re here to tell you what that includes!

You have hardwood that’s elegant, carpeting that’s nice and soft, and laminate that’s easy to maintain; and then you have luxury vinyl floors that are the cream of the crop! These floors are advanced beyond their years as 3D imaging technology can replicate natural materials such as stone or wood, making it hard to tell it’s not even real!

Luxury vinyl flooring is just that- luxurious. If you want to give your guests a lasting impression on your home, consider adding this material to ensure perfection underfoot. Not only will this versatile type of floor look great in any room, it will look great for years to come, requiring little to no maintenance.

Read on to see the many benefits of luxury vinyl flooring:

Every homeowner wants floors that are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and affordable, so if you’re in search of the most perfect type of flooring, consider luxury vinyl flooring. You’re sure to enjoy all of these benefits and many others. Call Bode Floors to learn more about our luxury vinyl tile flooring selection and installation process.

By Diane Gennity | September 13th, 2017