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Three Home Remedy Tips to Help Silence a Squeaky Floor

Three Home Remedy Tips to Help Silence a Squeaky Floor

Silencing squeaky floors is usually about finding the source of the squeaks. Squeaking sounds coming from floors are normally the result of wooden floorboards rubbing against the plywood subfloor or the nails holding the flooring in place. If you want to attempt your own home remedy that may stop your floor from squeaking, try out these tips.

Fill Gaps With Shims

Squeaky Floor Remedy Tips by Bode Floors in Columbia, MD

If you’re able to pinpoint the location of a squeak, find the gap in the flooring (no matter how small) where reinforcement is needed. Spread carpenter’s glue onto a wooden shim and insert it into the gap. When positioning the shim do not use a hammer; you may risk pushing it in too far, which can raise the subfloor and cause bumps.

Repair From Below

You can access the subfloor from your basement or crawlspace to make repairs. Ask another person to walk across the floor as you listen for squeaks below to help pinpoint the problem area. After you hear a squeak, ask the person above to lightly knock on the floor to help you identify the exact spot that needs to be addressed. From there, you can use shims, construction adhesive, or two-by-fours to reinforce the flooring with extra support.

Lubricate Floorboards

Squeaking sounds can be maddening, especially if you’re settling down to enjoy a book after a long day. If you can’t achieve peace and quiet by repairing the floorboards from underneath, use a dry lubricant to silence the problem area. If you have limited access to the space below your flooring, sprinkling talcum powder, powdered graphite, or lock lubricant will help reduce the friction and silence the smaller squeaks. Place a cloth over the powdered area and walk over it several times to help the powder settle into the cracks in your floors. Wipe away the excess powder with a damp cloth.

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By | August 4th, 2020